December 2018

Alan Goddard cuts the cheese

This is the time of the year when the Dairy Trade Federation pays a visit to the Chelsea Pensioners in London, for the long standing tradition of the presentation of the cheese. Cheesemakers of the UK at invited to make a contribution to the cheese larder of the Hospital for the Christmas period. This is a lovely opportunity to meet all these lovely veterans, the pastor recites a few prayers, speeches are made about how an army marches on it stomach, and what an essential ingredient cheese always has been and always will be

The magnificent main hall all seated.

Then the ceremonial cutting of the cheese with a very sharp sward, slicing through a whole Montgomery Cheddar, that alone will keep this fine body of 350 men and a few women well fed over Christmas

Alan and Judy in front of an early Churchill


The wielder of the sword and the star of the show was Alan Goddard, who had enlisted in Southampton many years ago, and upon chatting with him afterwards it turns out that he was actually from Andover, and knew our area like the back of his hand.

Judy with our Old Winchester and Stoney Cross

Afterwards it was off to lunch, with beef and of course cheese to follow! What a lovely day, thank you so much