December 2023


Chelsea Pensioners with 330kg of cheese, that should keep them going for a few months.

So here we go again, yet another Minister for the Environment, Steve Barclay.I have lost count as to how many we have had in recent times, probably one a year.Steve Barclay looks more comfortable in the position and I think it would be fair to say that Teresa Coffey looked distinctly uncomfortable, not particularly enthusiastic, and out of her depth. Some might say that my comment is a little harsh, but feeding a 70 million and growing population is no joke. We need a serious player, who gets their feet under the table, sticks with the job and gets it done, because it does not look great at the moment.There has been a lot of talk about the cost of food recently. Having just watched the M&S programme on the ITV , its no wonder food costs a lot of money, when you look at the money they spent developing a roast dinner a box and a brie and bacon bun, most of which was going to end up on the floor and all over your sparkly Christmas jumper.As we work our way through December it is all hands to the pump, as demand is enormous. Stoney Cross is now going onto a number of extra Waitrose counters in Southern England and London, and hooray, yes we are now on the Salisbury counter.The Dairy industry continues to support the presentation of Christmas Cheese to the Chelsea Pensioners in London, see picture. This is a very old tradition where we all chip in with gifts of cheese in a Christmas environment with the opportunity to network with other dairy operators.