February 2016


Back from Australia, and a great three weeks, catching up with all the family, the fantastic countryside, the great team at Four Seasons in Sydney, warm weather, and cheese shops. Of particular note, Spring Street Grocer, Melbourne, picture right, great display and selection, in the chill room.

Home to the realities of the milk market, which continues to collapse around us. We are not alone, the steel industry is in chaos, due to over production in China and subsequent dumping around the world. The oil industry, in a desperate muddle, the North Sea can’t possibly cope with prices of $35. We have the milk market split between the haves and have nots, those that are being paid 20 pence/lt when the cost of production is 28 pence is totally unsustainable. The problems are once a steel plant closes, or a dairy farm shuts down, they are gone forever, never to return. Is this what Britain needs, what a shambles? Roll on summer.