February 2017

As the shortage of Mediterranean produced vegetables starts to bite, the supermarkets turn it into a full blow crisis by imposing rationing. With the British consumer now having totally lost track of seasonality, it is time we all got back to basics and realised that there is a whole raft of British vegetables out there and supplies are more than adequate. Just wait until we get a really cold winter, and leeks are frozen in the ground, then you will have something to complain about. So here is the good news, broad beans looking good in the field today under their protective covers, but you will have to wait until June!!

Meantime, back at the ranch, milk prices continue to very slowly improve. The general view at the moment is that the price will come back to 26/27 pence. This represents about break even for many producers, with inflation taking off again.  With a devalued pound, continuing, inflation is likely to gather pace in the Brexit honeymoon phase, the cost of production is likely to rise making things even worse.
Dairy farmers in the last two years have been skinned alive by dairy processors, one has to ask how on earth is the dairy industry is supposed to survive long term on a milk price that is break even. The Dairy Trade continue to divide and rule, making up the rules as they go along, with A and B quotas, rigging basket prices to suit them selves, it is time this is all brought a head and needs to be sorted out by the Grocery Trades Adjudicator, to ensure there is fair play. This state of affairs cant go on.

I have just added Deli No 5 in Thame, Oxfordshire to our list of stockists.