February 2019

British Meat and Dairy producers in Singapore

So, following on from January, there is no Brexit result, in fact there seems to be no way forward at the moment. As a result we continue to diversify our customer base and ensure we are not over committed in any one area, these are dangerous times.
To this end we are off to the British Meat and Dairy Showcase in Singapore on 25th February. We will be taking Old Winchester that continues to grow and dominate our sales, however Stoney Cross has doubled it sales this year and now making great progress.
Despite a very dry summer of 2018 and now a shortage of winter fodder for the cows they are milking extremely well, with an unbelievable quality to the milk, todays fat result is 4.59 and the protein is 3.43, this means that with this quality of milk we are making 60 cheese a day, 300 a week. That’s said fodder is tight and we do need an early spring and be able to get them out to grass as soon as possible.