January 2014


Still raining, I seem to remember saying that in the summer of 2012. Cows really don’t like this weather, too wet, and warm to go with it. They are much better off with the cold and dry. Silage gets wet, their cubicle beds are hard to keep dry, and the warmth keeps the bugs going rather than killing them off. The grass is greening, don’t really think it has stopped growing, but there are rivers of water running everywhere, fortunately all the cattle are in under cover, roll on spring. The milk market continues to improve, but not off the back of a supportive supermarket, but principally the huge demand for milk powder to send to China and that goes for goats milk as well. Now starting to hear whingeing from the processors that they cant live with it, well for the first time in a very long time the boot is on the other foot, so get used to it, no doubt we dairy farmers will get trashed the moment there is weakness in the market.