January 2023

Presentation of the Christmas Cheese at Chelsea hospital in December

We all thought we might be in for a bit of political peace and quiet for a while, and we hoped the politicians would just get on and do what you are paid to do. However there are rumours that Bob the Builder is thinking he might make some dramatic come back. There are unsubstantiated reports, that JCB have been told to dust off the digger and re build the wall he knocked down last time. The big red bus that proclaimed that all the money saved from brexit might be used for the NHS, can’t be found at the moment, sadly he could not remember where he has parked it.  Instead of looking for it, he is dealing with issues regarding his previous need for a £800k loan to finance his wallpaper and his bike, what a mess. Let’s hope JCB have lost the key, and the bus is back on the Ealing route. If he is not able manage his own finances, there is a fat chance he can manage the UK finances, he needs to just stick to writing bits for the newspapers please.In the meantime, back at the farm we have all been waiting with baited breath to be told exactly how they are proposing to replace the Single Farm Payment, with the much vaunted ELMS (Environment Land Management Scheme) . When I was interviewed two years ago for my opinions, the message from me was clear, just keep it simple to start with and then add to it as you go along. Do they listen, no, Countryside Stewardship is no better with hundreds of pages of incomprehensible instructions. We really don’t deserve this mess.Meanwhile back at the farm, due to the dry weather last summer this winters food for the cows is going to be tight, let’s hope spring comes early.