January 2024


What is so difficult about delivering a parcel.

I am so lucky, I have just had a lovely email from the Post Office, offering me all sorts of goodies, jetting off to to what looks like Venice, zooming off with my skis, making my money work harder, looking after my pooch, and can you believe it, ‘Protecting your family’s future’, thank you Post Office.
Well, I think this is a bit rich given your past record. Have you sent this email to the 900 postmasters you have stolen from and treated SO badly, it beggars belief.
By chance, unable to watch Mr Bates V Post Office when it was first broadcast, we thought we would watch the first episode a couple of weeks later. The program was so totally compelling, so moving, so brilliantly delivered by the production team, we watched all four episodes in one hit!
Can I suggest that instead of sending me your Micky Mouse emails, you hang your heads in absolute shame. The conduct of your staff and CEO along with Fujitsu has been an absolute disgrace. It is almost unbelievable it takes a television programme to move this issue right to the top of the pile. These poor people have been bullied, threatened, sent to jail, and worse, and it is outrageous that they have not had their money returned and compensated.
Do I hear you ask what has it got to do with me, well London ULEZ sent me a letter, erroneously, accusing me with not paying my £12.50, and because it took 7 days to get from Nottingham to Lyburn Farm, I was then charged with not responding in time. We
have also made the mistake of using your parcel service for cheese deliveries several years ago and it was a complete shambles. We paid for next day delivery, as cheese is a perishable product and one package took 5 days!
And finally, I happen know one of the postmasters in the film, how can you have treated these people so appallingly?
PS I have marked your emails as junk.