July 2015


Len Goodman, swaps his dancing shoes for a pair of white welly boots, and he is joined by Janet Ellis. They are in, to help the regular team of James far right, Steve far left and Amy, make cheese for a day as part of the production of the series Holiday Haunts revisited, filmed for BBC. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating Len, we will see what the cheese is like in 3 months time. All I can say is that we wont be swapping jobs, I could not possibly handle your team with that grumpy Craig, that somewhat flamboyant lunatic Bruno, and the Oh so looooovely Darcy.

Meanwhile down on the farm, crops are looking good, could do with some rain but we have enough irrigation water for the time being. Cows are back on silage as the grass runs out. There are just a few odd places left on our tours, so ring just to see, as we do get cancelations.