July 2022


Runner beans look exceptionally well but don’t like the very hot weather.

Firstly our apologies for having to cancel our evening tours this year, with covid in the family and covid all around, it made no sense to continue to entertain you all. We will plan to go again next year, so keep an eye on the website next January, February.
Trying to maintain cheese production has not been easy, the dry weather has meant a shortage of grass, and net result of that is reduced milk yields, and not enough milk to fill our 3000lt cheese vat. Add to that constant covid problems and ill health for some, we are going to be short of cheese in time to come. The vegetables all need water but the reservoir should cope

I hear that Bob
the builder, is looking for a new job, he has had to hand back the JCB and there are no more polystyrene  bricks to go bulldozing. It seems his colleges got a bit fed up with the way he was steering his tractor and gave him the red card. However he had a very firm grip on the steering wheel, and was very reluctant to let go, so a lot of his mates took the keys away.