June 2010

200chewton_glen V 200limewood

Limewood v Chewton Glen

The Hampshire food festival has now become a huge event for the month of July, and as the program has evolved over the years, there has to be an event for just about everyone. Our 6 evening tours, now becoming close to sold out, but lots of other events to choose from. All of us in the food industry are involved, from the farmer that sows the seed and milks the cows, for the milk that makes the cheese, to the pubs, hotels, restaurants, farm shops and delis that cook, serve an sell the fruits of the Hampshire country side.

One very exiting and entertaining event will be a Ready Steady Cook, between Limewood and the Chewton Glen

The crops, although late are now looking much happier and we seem to be back in control, sweetcorn and pumpkin all in and looking good, could do with a bit more rain though on 8th June that is.