June 2011


A visit from cousin Ian Smales and his wife Angie form Australia. Ian has to go to Norway next week to give a paper on the impact of wind turbines on local bird life, and it is relevant to what ever part of the world you live in. Which brings me to what are we doing about green energy, and the answer is, not a lot at the moment.

There is a lot of talk, and governments keep moving the goal posts. Pay back periods of x,y and z, people franticly covering their roofs with great slabs of unsightly PV glass, that all has to be cleaned fairly frequently, presumably with a helicopter. We live in a valley, so there is no wind, the river runs dry in the summer, so no Hydro system, and AD looks like huge investment.

Cheese made on the farm uses only 10% of the fuel an resources to move it around the country, we use hot milk from the morning milking, so we don’t use the energy to cool it and don’t need to use energy to heat it up to pasteurise it, that the way to do it!