June 2019

I watched the plastics program with Hugh FW, and an interesting tale it is. In the last 40 years we have all been sucked into the plastic spiders web, and its going to be a struggle to extricate ourselves. There was a time, may be 30 or more years ago, when your milk came in a glass bottle.

At the time we were suppling Vines in Southampton, and they filled millions of glass bottles every year. One of Vines glass bottles, would on average, do 44 trips to a Southampton home, before it became chipped, dropped or smashed, and recycled to make another bottle. The foil caps were religiously collected and recycled for charity. Then the supermarkets got involved, and glass did not suit their business model, and it became plastic bottles instead. It has become clear recently that this all has to change, but realistically this will need legislation and all the interested parties will need to realise it will come at a cost, and some compromises on shelf life. For those of you wishing to go back to the glass milk bottle, it is out there, there are a nuber for farms now selling milk in a glass bottle, no plastic, but they do need your commitment and support. Follow this link https://www.fwi.co.uk/business/map-buy-milk-direct-farm