March 2021

Gimlett’s Guide to Best of British Cheeses.

Another good week, weather not too wet, not too cold, Daffs looking good, Snowdrops past their best. As is a third of our food that is produced for the nation to eat. We consistently hear that about 30% of all food is wasted in one form or another, not harvested, because too big or too small for a supermarket, and even the wrong shape. Food that runs out of date because of poor stock rotation by retailers, they would sooner have waste stock rather than empty shelves. Food not eaten and throne away in pubs and restaurants.
There is nothing more depressing for a farmer sat in a restaurant and seeing plates returing to the kitchen with food on, potatoe being one candidate. That potato was grown as seed in year one, probably in Scotland. In year two it is planted in the spring harvested in the autumn, stored all winter. In year three the potato is washed packed and delivered by the wholesaler to a pub or fish and chip shop, and after a three year journey a percentage of those potatoes end up in the skip along with thousands of tons of other foods. As the UK slowly travels towards net zero, here is one issue that needs to be addressed, food is so cheap it is acceptable to throw it away, this would never have happened in the 1950’s.

We have now returned to markets, the treat of covid having receded to a degree, and a lot of us have been vaccinated, its good to be back, summer is on the way, thank goodness, cows will be out to grass.

Pictured above is a great book covering a number of artisan UK cheese makersĀ 
great read.