November 2009


Hampshire Farmers Markets have now been going about 10 years and contiue to flurish, depite what have been in the last year, more diffcult trading conditions. In an effort to champion some of the stars of the Farmers Market show we have run out first Awards ceremony, kindly hoasted by Lainston House, Sparsholt. ON the right, we have Ian Axton fron Andover Sound FM who kindly did the Jonathen Ross bit, but with gettting to quite so much trouble, with the winners being:

  • Best Product was won by Blackmoor Game, producers of venison, pheasant, duck and all types of game.
    • Nominees: Beechcroft Lamb & Beef; Mapleleaf Watercress; Blackmoor Game
  • Best Food To Go at the Farmers’ Markets was Bowtell’s Farm Shop.
    • Nominees: Greenfield Pork – Hog Roast; Pott’s Pantry; Bowtell’s Farm Shop
  • Best Dressed Stall was won by Pott’s Pantry.
    • Nominees: Cresson Creative; Pott’s Pantry; The Tomato Stall
  • The Best Personality category was won by two people, Pete Sole of Blackmoor Game and Sean Brown of Mapleleaf Watercress.
    • Nominees: Sean Brown, Mapleleaf Watercress; Toby Bowtell, Bowtell’s Farm Shop; Peter Sole, Blackmoor Game; Jennifer Laing, Cresson Creative.