November 2017

What a great result, Pangbourne Cheese Shop, chosen as best UK cheese shop at the World Cheese Awards. Well done ladies, and of course you will find Lyburn Cheese there, this shop needs to be on your, ‘to visit’ list this December

For us the cheese is all made for Christmas 2017, all on the shelf ripening, and making Old Winchester this week you start to reflect on when it is going to be sold. Old Winchester at 18-20 months takes us to the middle of 2019! Then you start to ask, where is Brexit going to be in the middle of 2019? At this stage no one has not even the remotest idea, we have politicians thrashing around in UK and EU, and then the accusation that UK productivity has dropped dramatically since June 2016. What do the politicians expect us all to do, plough on as if nothing has happened. Mr. Politician, those of us at the coal face are trying to make decisions as to what the market might look like in 18months time and we really don’t know how to play it. We are going a bit carefully here at Lyburn Farm, that is where your productivity has gone, if it all goes belly up, we are the ones going to get hurt, so you politicians, stop bickering and get your act together.