November 2020

Milk dispensing machine at the Bull Downton

Signs that local food is starting to change. Locally the Martin family have installed three milk dispensing machines, using milk from their 800 cows, Nunton, in Nunton, Wilton and Downton. These machines are installed in local car parks, keeping the milk cold and filling your own glass bottle. The milk is pasteurised, and absolutely fresh from the cows, it is not homogenised, or turned into a standard fat content, by having the cream removed.

In Downton we also have a new farm shop and bakery, Stable and Wick,  Food has come full circle.
There was a time, years ago when everyone collected their milk from the local farm, even in London, there were the London dairies, large herds of cows in London 100 years ago. All the bread would have been made locally, or even your own kitchen. The traffic on our roads gets worse every day and lot of your food driving around in ever decreasing circles before it gets to you, this needs to change in time, even if these are the only changes you make, it is a contribution.