November 2022


And its a Super Gold for Stoney Cross at the World Cheese Awards, this is a nice little bonus to finish the year. It was just a few weeks ago there was a Gold at the British Cheese Awards. Stoney Cross has had a cracking good year, and sales have responded accordingly, light and earthy, with a musty finish, it comes as a 2.8kg wheel at about 8-10 weeks old.
The laws of supply and demand. As the egg disaster slowly unwinds, the suggestion that bird flu is all to blame is patently untrue. Poultry farmers as far back as May warned Supermarkets and food service that if they did not start paying more for their eggs, and pretty quickly, there would be trouble down the line, and that trouble has now arrived. In theory the shortage of eggs should quickly start to push the price up, due to the laws of supply and demand, however one supermarket has decided that, rather than pay the UK producers a better price for producing their eggs, they would sooner hack off down to Italy to buy their eggs and put money in the Italian pockets, and to hell with the carbon foot print.To ignore the laws of supply and demand, just exacerbates the problem and prolongs the agony for everyone. To expect egg producers to carry the cost burden of production, while the trade sit on their margins and their thumbs, is naive and dishonest and will have to change. Step forward Waitrose please.