October 2020

Pumpkin from outer space

Cheese sales back on track to some degree, having lost a number of customers sadly, but remarkably gained a number of new customers from all over the country, and some existing customers just waiting in the wings. Our tours evenings have had to go by the board this year, having been a means by which each year we give about £2000 to a wide range of charities, we have chosen instead, to give cheese to local food banks, who clearly have a battle on their hands. Its anyone’s guess whether we will be able to run our tours next year, but as things stand, it is looking unlikely.
As I write this, 24th October our pumpkin season is over, we have been cleaned out, nothing left, empty, all gone and that goes for the large tonnage of Crown Prince that normally takes us through to Christmas. With the advent of the Pumpkin Patch over the last 5 years, the demand has grown, with the Supermarkets not able to offer the experience, and the lure of the great outdoors, a muddy field, puddles, rain, muddy dogs, muddy children, social distancing becomes easy in the middle of a 10 acre field, great set of circumstances, a real chance for the younger generation to be creative.
We now head off into the final throws of Brexit, is there any chance of British food standards being maintained, we would all like to think so, but we will only know the proof of the pudding, when the time comes. However there are reports of Sainsbury selling Spanish eggs and Tesco selling Polish cauliflower this week, if they bought it cheap today they will want it cheaper tomorrow, both products that should meet our standards, its anyone’s guess what will happen in January.