October 2022

The most fantastic October sees the grass growing everywhere, and amongst the grass we find Horse Mushrooms, hundreds of them, I love these mushrooms. We have not seen mushroom like this in years, probably due to the moist conditions, warm nights. Even now, at the end of October, have not had a frost. Add to this, the weather was so dry, we used substantially less fertiliser, not to mention the cost of it up from £300 a ton to £750 a ton; has this contributed to mushrooms?The accompanying picture shows our new slurry press. Recently installed, this piece of equipment takes a standard, sloppy cow slurry, that in general, is too thick to pump and too sloppy to stack, and turns it into 20% dry friable fibre and 80% thick soup, that can be pumped some distance if need be. We are now in a position to make much more efficient use of this as a fertiliser for next season, replacing non organic fertiliser that will either be too expensive or unavailable.