September 2013


Another year, another British Cheese Awards, held at Kingham in deepest Oxfordshire. 908 entries and 183 cheesemakers entered this year, similar to last year. Of these 715 were cows milk cheeses, 128 were goats milk, 53 were ewes milk and a few were mixed milk. For us at Lyburn Cheese a very good night indeed, Gold for Winchester and Old Winchester, Silver for Stoney Cross, and Bronze for Smoked, Lyburn Gold and the Garlic & Nettle. Francis, that we make and James Mc Call washes, gets a Gold and then goes on to win the Best Semi Soft category, a second major win for this cheese in 2 years.
The star of the show, another Hampshire cheese, Tunworth, has become Supreme Champion for the second occasion. Another good friend Cerri wins best Territorial with her Wiltshire Loaf. She and her family milk cows, and make cheese in North Wiltshire. Paul Thomas, who will be leaving us at the end of the year, to set up his own cheese business, also took Gold with his new cheese Little Ann. Well done to Andy Swinscoe, who won the Best New Retailer Award, with his new shop and business in Settle Yorkshire, a great supporter of our cheeses. Three local Restaurants’, get a mention for their cheese boards, La Fosse at Cranbourne, Dorset, The Star at Bentley and the Marriot Meon, Wickham.