September 2016


I note from the Telegraph Business section today that 3 Tesco directors are to stand trial charged with fraud. All of a sudden the authorities have woken up to the practices of this company and done something. I seems, that the same company sold unknown quantities of horse meat to their customers dressed up as beef, and no action was taken, if that had been a local butcher he would have been in front of the magistrate the next week. The same company was pulled over by the Groceries adjudicator, for appalling treatment of suppliers, and of course no action was taken. The question here is, who is guilty, as someone is clearly guilty and are these three, just the fall guys, this is going to be interesting, deeply embarrassing for the our nation. That said, it begs the question, how on earth are the farming community supposed to deal with a company that operates in this manner?

Above, a great couple of days at Sturminster Newton Cheese festival.
More Old Winchester becoming available now as new stocks start to mature, at long last!