September 2017

Milk prices are slowly making a comeback for those of us not on a cost of production supermarket contract. There are now complaints about the cost of cream and subsequently price of butter, as you cant make butter without cream. This is called ‘chickens coming home to roost’. For at least a year and half a large part of the dairy industry in this country was trashed, with prices as low as 16 pence a litre. Cost of production is in general 27/28p per ltr, is it any wonder milk and cream have become short.  To try and put the dairy industry back on track, and recover some of the monies lost, prices will need to go higher. This is all compounded by supermarkets that then sell milk as a loss leader . This is no way to run the British Dairy industry, it’s a complete shambles, these massive peaks and troughs are unsustainable. But for Lyburn Farm there some light at the end of the tunnel, click the link below.

Busy Winchester High Steet early on a Sunday morning, Hampshire Farmers Market