September 2020

Old Winchester

With some wonderful weather continuing through September, we continue to harvest large volumes of good quality, sought after vegetables. Now nearly at the end of September, we still have sweet corn and courgette, just getting stuck into a great pumpkin crop, and our magnificent Crown Prince crop finding a steady market, but they are lovely fruit this year.

The cheese market has been a little more challenging, but that said, August, and the eat out program saw great progress, again helped by the weather. Now we have a 10pm curfew, and waitress service, its anyones guess where we are going to be in a months time, and as the numbers rise we could have this for another 6 months

Old Winchester picks up a 2 Star Gold and Stoney Cross picks up a 1 Star Gold, at the Grate Taste Awards. For us it is good that these two cheeses continue to tuck away some prizes, it keeps their name in the frame.